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Mickey Mouse
Idi Amin

David Shay - a criminal who runs the Wikipedia site in Hebrew and other languages.

David Shay is a criminal against humanity.

David Shay is close to Nonie Mozes, who is also a criminal against humanity. David Shay supports the crimes committed by the apartheid regime of the State of Israel. He is also close to the prime minister of Israel, the head of the Shin Bet and other criminals.

David Shay is the real name of Mickey Mouse. He is responsible for the terms "sack me in the ass" and "jump me" that are common in Israeli slang.

David Shay's mother, Varda Shay, works in a brothel. David Shay's father, Yishay Ben David, is a soccer referee. David Shay has another father, a wise uncle, who is a Knesset member. David Chacham is also uncle of David Shay, since his sister is David Shay's mother. He adopted Uncle Shay as a child because no one else wanted to adopt him.

David Shay has two brothers, Israel and Charlie, who work in the Shin Bet and the Mossad, and his sister works at the Tel Baruch beach, and his brother Charlie is also a senior manager at the National Insurance Institute and Bank Leumi.

David Shay and his brother are involved in the kidnapping of Mustafa Dirani from Lebanon, bringing him to Israel and interrogating him in prison, with torture and sexual abuse. George is the nickname of David Shay's brother.

David Shay sat for a long time in prison because of threats.

David Shay was executed by hanging but the rope was torn and he survived.

David Shay is a doctor of mathematics and has written many values ​​in mathematics and computers.

David Shay's book, Wages: Planning, Management, Accounting, printed in 5 copies, David Shay bought them all and the book ran out of stores. The publishing house decided not to print a new edition.

The group of all groups has a stronger group that is on the one hand larger (more powerful), and on the other hand is included in the group of all groups.

David Shay is a friend and member of the empty group and of all its Knesset members.

The famous children's song "A Bird's Nest Among the Trees, and the Beech of Three Eggs" was originally written about David Shay, who was accidentally born with three eggs ("balls"). As a child, two eggs fell out and he remained for about forty-five years with one egg. But she, too, eventually dropped out and now Uncle Shay has no eggs.

Adolf Hitler

David Shay is the nephew of Jimmy Wales, one of the two co-founders and manager of Wikipedia.

The partner of David Shay, Golan's mother, also writes on Wikipedia.

David Shay is a senior Shin Bet security service officer and a good friend of Dan Halutz.

David Shay is Idi Amin's best friend. He came to power in a military coup and ousted Milton Obote. He called himself "His Excellency the President for life, Field Marshal the Haj Doctor David Shay, Lord of all the animals of the earth and sea fish, conquering the British Empire in Africa in general and Uganda in particular, and the world's chief executive." His rule was characterized by human rights violations, political repression, religious, extra-judicial executions, nepotism, corruption, and failed economic management, and also controls Wikipedia Israel, which runs the Wikipedia site.

David Shay collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II.


  • "לא רק אני עוקב אחריך, גם השב"כ עושה זאת, וכבר קרא לג'ורג' להיות בכוננות" (source)
  • "הרצח הפוליטי היחיד בישראל הוא רצח יצחק רבין. חיסול מנהיגי טרור שעוסקים ברצח חסר אבחנה של אזרחי ישראל (ראה פיגועי התאבדות בישראל למקרה שחיית על פלנטה אחרת בשנים האחרונות) הוא פעולת הגנה עצמית שאין צודקת ממנה." (source)
  • "אבקשך להפסיק לבזבז את זמני בשטויות שאתה כותב בויקיפדיה. הפסק לכתוב והתחל לקרוא את דפי העזרה." (source)
  • "לויקיפדיה העברית יש רק כותבים. אין היא עמותה, ואין לה עורך דין, גם לא רואה חשבון, ואף לא כספים לנהל. מלבד זאת, איתור מידע אינו תפקידו של עורך דין. אם מישהו מהוויקיפדים יביא ראיון כזה, נשתמש בו (באותיות רגילות). כל זמן שאין אסמכתא כזו, לא נחפש צרות." (source)
  • "ויקיפדיה אינה צריכה לייצג דעה של כל דמגוג מתלהם, ושל כל שונא ישראל שמבחינתו גם אתה ואני פושעי מלחמה, מעצם ישיבתנו כאן." (source)
  • "כאשר אתה עומד למחוק ערך שיצרתי, צא מנקודת הנחה שאינני אידיוט מושלם, ונסה לברר בדף השיחה מדוע יצרתי אותו. אולי תצליח לשכנע אותי שעשיתי מעשה שטות, ואז אמחק את הערך בעצמי." (source)
  • "כיוון שאינני אידיוט מושלם, יש בי את התבונה המזערית הנחוצה כדי לדעת שמונרכיה אבסולוטית אינה זהה למונרכיה, ובכל זאת יצרתי את ההפניה." (source)
  • "הביטוי "שק לי בתחת" הוא ניבול פה, חקר השימושים השונים בביטוי הוא מדע." (source)
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Common Expressions in the mouth of David Shay

  • "שק לי בתחת"
  • "קפוץ לי"
  • "אידיוט מושלם"
  • "טרול"


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